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Agency and intermediation in foreign exchange



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Simple way to get quotes, leaving the bureaucracy facingthe costs of large banks, with more favorable rates for ourpartners


Exchange rates are updated online and in real time. Direct contact with the operator.

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Direct and simple communication with experts who dominate all types of remittances to and from abroad.


Quotations with authorized Banks to operate in foreign exchange by the Central Bank. 100% safe.


Documents pre-analysis, proper formatting of wiring instructions, and preparation to present them to the bank atthe time of the exchange closing. Operational team specialized in the necessary support.

We offer to our customers
complete foreign exchange products and services.
Favorable exchange rate for

The exchange rate is an important
variable within an economy, as it can
influence the level of production
and inflation in that economy, in addition
to foreign trade and capital movements
related to that country.

Knowing the intrinsic relationship
between foreign trade and
exchange variation, it is important
to have the support of a
consultancy that provides what is
necessary for these operations.

• Service provided by a team with years
of expertise;
•More security and agility in carrying
out operations;
•Financial exchange consultancy for the
international market.


Exchange more generally means exchange. This term is used to express relationships between the currencies of different countries. An exchange operation is an operation of exchanging one currency for another. Exchange rate is the difference in values between these currencies. Exchange bureau or exchange broker is the authorized financial institution to carry out these operations.


Agency and intermediation in foreign exchange transactions
• Currency hedge operations
• International wire transfers
• Buying and selling foreign currency
• Advance on foreign exchange delivered (ACE)
• Advance on foreign exchange contracts (ACC)
• Export Notes

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